Future Boy, Limited Edition White Vinyl LP With Exclusive DVD Insert ‘Cicerovision’



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Release Date: 29th September 2023

Just over 30 years ago, the Pet Shop Boys founded their own record label, Spaghetti Recordings, and their first and most memorable signing was 21 year-old electronic-pop prodigy David Cicero. The resulting classic synth-pop album ‘Future Boy’, although completely written by Cicero, had significant input by the Pet Shop Boys on key tracks. They had a production, co-producer or mixing role on the songs ‘That Loving Feeling’, ‘Heaven Must Have Sent You Back To Me’, ‘My Middle Class Life’ and ‘Love Is Everywhere’. They also produced the last track Cicero ever recorded for Spaghetti Recordings, the non-album single ‘Live For Today’; this was a duet with seasoned session singer Sylvia Mason-James that featured in the ‘The Crying Game’. Neil Tennant is further awarded a general album credit as one of the backing vocalists heard throughout the album, as is Chris Lowe for his keyboards and programming contributions.


Side A

  1. That Loving Feeling
  2. Heaven Must Have Sent You Back ToMe
  3. My Middle Class Life
  4. Pretend
  5. Cloud 9
  6. Love Is Everywhere

Side B

  1. Then
  2. As Time Goes By
  3. Sonic Malfunction
  4. The Butcher Of Bucharest
  5. Future Generations