Un-Scene! Post Punk Birmingham 1978-1982



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1 Fàshiön Music*– We’re The Fashion
2 Swell Maps– Vertical Slum
3 Dada– Birmingham UK
4 The Prefects– The Bristol Road Leads To Dachau
5 T.V. Eye– Stevie’s Radio Station
6 Denizens– Ammonia Subway
7 The Hawks (4)– Big Store
8 The Nervous Kind– Five To Monday
9 The Bible Belt– A Fistful Of Seeds
10 The Nightingales– Idiot Strength
11 Lowdown International– Batteries Not Included
12 Joe Crow– The Final Touch
13 Nikki Sudden– Channel Steamer
14 Cult Figures– I Remember
15 Au Pairs– Love Song
16 Fast Relief– What A Waste
17 Vision Collision– Cuba
18 Dance– Revolve Around You
19 The Pinkies– Open Commune