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Released 16th December on Blue Transparent vinyl

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Self-made, self-defined, and walking a path that’s entirely their own, I Prevail are ready to embrace their TRUE POWER

(Fearless Records).

I Prevail have established themselves as the forerunners of the genre in the 21st century. The new record, once again
produced by Tyler Smyth, features the sort of stadium-sized riffs that will rattle your teeth loose from your gums and
unforgettable, supremely catchy melodies that will camp out in your brain for weeks at a time. The band also
alternately mixes screamed vocals that sound as though they crawled from the depths of hell with soaring, emotional
vocals and heartfelt, intimate lyrics that go so deep, they hit marrow. The end result is an album that resonates with the listener in the most personal way.

Trauma was a very reflective record says singer Brian Burkheiser, referring to TRUE POWER’s game-changing
predecessor.  i’d struggled with a major vocal injury and had been wondering whether I wanted to continue doing this
thing at all. Eric [Vanlerberghe] had also lost his best friend over that same time, so there was a lot of heartache behind
it. With TRUE POWER, we were going into a new phase. After taking that trauma and figuring out how to channel it, you
find this sense of newfound confidence and an ability to grow as a person: to become truly yourself. We took a no rules mentality into the songwriting, and a lot of it is heavy as f**k, but the songs sound as diverse as they’ve ever been, too. There is a song on the record called ‘There’s Fear In Letting Go,’ and that became a huge mantra for us. Yeah,
it can be scary letting go of things, but it can also help you take back everything that’s yours: which is exactly what we’ve done on this album