The Singles Volume 01



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Release Date: 24th February 2023


Disc 1: The Modern Age (Rough Trade Version)* / Last Nite (Rough Trade Version)* from Is This It

Disc 2: Hard To Explain / New York City Cops from Is This It

Disc 3: Last Nite / When It Started from Is This It

Disc 4: Someday / Alone Together / Is This It (Home Recording) from Is This It

Disc 5: 12:51 / The Way It Is (Home Recording) from Room On Fire

Disc 6: Reptilia / Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men (with Regina Spektor) from Room On Fire

Disc 7: The End has No End / Clampdown (Live at Alexandria Palace)* from Room On Fire

Disc 8: Juicebox / Hawaii from First Impressions Of Earth

Disc 9: Heart in a Cage / I’ll Try Anything Once (‘You Only Live Once’ Demo) from First Impressions Of Earth

Disc 10: You Only Live Once / Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) from First Impressions Of Earth