The Myth Of The Happily Ever After



Limited Red Vinyl + CD of ‘A Celebration of Endings (Live at the Barrowland Ballroom)

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A1 DumDum
A2 A Hunger In Your Haunt
A3 Denier
A4 Separate Missions
A5 Witch’s Cup
A6 Holy Water
B1 Errors In The History Of God
B2 Haru Urara
B3 Unknown Male 01
B4 Existed
B5 Slurpy Slurpy Sleep Sleep
A Celebration Of Endings (Live At The Barrowland Ballroom)
CD-1 North Of No South (Live)
CD-2 The Champ (Live)
CD-3 Weird Leisure (Live)
CD-4 Tiny Indoor Fireworks (Live)
CD-5 Worst Type Of Best Possible (Live)
CD-6 Space (Live)
CD-7 End Of (Live)
CD-8 Instant History (Live)
CD-9 The Pink Limit (Live)
CD-10 Opaque (Live)
CD-11 Cop Syrup (Live)