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Cold Heart is a stone cold classic as good as anyone ever really. So glad this is coming out on vinyl’ – Alan McGee August 2021
Unavailable on vinyl since it’s release in 1986 on the famous Creation label. We’ve added two extra tracks from the same recording sessions, that were previously used as B sides. Sometimes referred to as The Blue Album, because of the colour of the sleeve, we’re pressing it on Sea Blue Vinyl in a recreated version of the original sleeve. The group are still active and Covid permitting will be playing shows this year. Sleeve Notes by Alan McGee


Side One
1. I Don’t Know
2. Cold Heart
3. Choice
4. The Ballad Of Johnny Eye
5. Work
6. World’s No Place (Bonus Track)

Side Two
1. Forces Network
2. Like You
3. Painting/Arguing
4. You Take My Freedom
5. Cry For A Man
6. You Got Me Wrong (Bonus Track)