The Essential Jim Bob



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Side A

  1. 2020 WTF!
  2. Dream Come True
  3. If It Ain’t Broke
  4. Where’s The Backdoor, Steve?
  5. The Man Behind The Counter Of The Science Fiction Superstore
  6. The Revenge Of The School Bullied
  7. Battling The Bottle (Fighting The Flab, At War With The World)

Side B

  1. Victim – Piano Version
  2. The Summer Of No Touching
  3. Another Day At The Office
  4. Kidstrike!
  5. Coash A: Seat 21

Side C

  1. Jo’s Got Papercuts
  2. Out Heroes
  3. Johnny Cash – Piano Version
  4. My New Walk
  5. The Loneliest Elephant In The World

Side D

  1. Song For The Unsung (You’re So Modest You’ll Never Think This Song Is About You)
  2. Cartoon Dad
  3. #thoughtsandprayers
  4. Angelstrike!