The DNA of DMA

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In early 1980, legendary producer David M. Allen (The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy, Neneh Cherry etc…) was holed up at Martin Rushent’s Genetic Studios unboxing & installing groundbreaking new equipment from the Roland Corporation – one of the 1st System 700 modular synths & its accompanying MC-8 Micro Composer to have arrived on UK shores.

Dave had just a couple of weeks (in the absence of Martin) to get everything up & running in time for the arrival of the Human League at Genetic. Those sessions would see them record what was to become the ultimate synth pop smash – the ‘Dare’ album !

‘The DNA of DMA’ is the sound of an early 20-something studio engineer rush-recording a slew of his own post-punk tracks into electronic form. It’s a recording that sets the blueprint for what would become known as the ‘Genetic sound’ – a sound that would rapidly dominate the airwaves the world over.

Lovingly restored from a 1/4 inch tape that David stumbled across a few years back, ‘The DNA of DMA’ is a fascinating historical snapshot of the first digitally controlled studio gear of 1980 being road-tested over his catchy & quirky song-writing & performances.

When Martin Rushent heard the tape upon his return to Genetic, David was offered a job on the spot. A job that has now spanned 5 decades but started humbly with these 9 tracks over 40 years ago…