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Release Date: 13th January 2023

A great artist with excellent taste. The BMX Bandits have been around in varying formations since 1986 and come
from great Scottish guitar pop lineage. Something must be in the drinking water in and around Glasgow, the density
of legendary, fantastic bands is striking; Teenage Fanclub, Belle & Sebastian, Primal Scream, Vaselines, Pastels and…
the BMX Bandits. With Duglas T. Stewart as the focal point, the band has been releasing great indie pop albums
irregularly since 1989. Their first album “C86” is a classic and since then the band has had a worldwide fan base, be it
in Tokyo, Hamburg and…well of course, Seattle.

Deeply rooted in the golden era of pop – the 60s – as well as the DIY indie pop scene of the 80s, Duglas and the Bandits
created their own sound and style. Humorous, heartfelt and always featuring great melodies. Humorous, heartfelt,
great melodies…that’s exactly our field of expertise! And so it was surely only a matter of time until we, Tapete
Records, finally had the honour of releasing a BMX Bandits album. Welcome aboard!

In between the BBC’s coverage of the moon landing in the Summer of 1969 something else was happening, something
that would have a greater impact on shaping me and my life. In between live images of the moon mission and reports
the BBC were screening episodes of The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe starring Robert Hoffmann, a 1965 serialised
telling of the classic tale of a man lost so far from home, it felt an appropriate choice of programme. The series was a
French German production and for the BBC to broadcast it Hoffmann’s dialogue had to be replaced in English. To do
this they didn’t have the option to just replace the voice and keep the original music and sound effects, everything
had to be replaced. A new haunting soundtrack was produced by Gian Piero Reverberi and Robert Mellin. Their music
for this show made a deep connection with me. It was so beautiful, it made me feel sad but I loved the feeling. It was
a starting point in setting an aesthetic that runs through so much that I love in music and also in a lot of what I have
done. Since then music composed / created for film and television has been a major passion and pleasure in my life
and I always wanted to have an opportunity to work in this field.

Mark, Dreaded Light’s writer and director approached me through a mutual friend to see if I would be interested in
supplying original music for his debut film. At that point it became about both of us making a leap of faith, deciding
that we trusted each other. I knew I needed a collaborator to help bring my ideas and themes to life and to bring
interesting and to also bring sympathetic ideas of their own to the project. And so I asked Andrew to work with me
on the soundtrack. Andrew can play a lot of instruments well, is a great singer and has natural musicality. We loved
and connected with the emotional content in the story and we found our first musical theme quite quickly. It was a
reaction to imagining an opening titles sequence that would set a mood and tone for everything that would follow.
This theme mutates and resurfaces at various points throughout the film. After that we found other themes that we
connected to the emotions and physicality of the central characters. As well as the instrumental themes you will find
two songs on this album. Spinning Through Times is our emotional end theme about love living on after death. Long
Forgotten Summers is a song composed especially for this album, inspired by the film, musically it grew out of the
film’s opening theme. Andrew and I are proud of this album and are grateful that we had the opportunity to be part
of this project. We hope our music enhances the film and will be something that you will enjoy listening to separately.
Duglas T Stewart, Summer 2022.

I was surprised Duglas hadn’t scored a feature film prior to Dreaded Light. He’s so passionate about music in film and
his knowledge of this area really is encyclopaedic. When I asked him why he said it was because no one had asked him.
With this being my first feature film as a Director and his first as a Composer. There was part of me thought perhaps I
should go with someone who had more experience. I decided I wanted him on board and I’m glad I did because he’s
been an asset to the production and the score that he created with Andrew is perfect.
Mark MacNicol (writer and director of Dreaded Light), Summer 2022.


  1. Theme From Dreaded Light
  2. Mysterious Nurse
  3. Shutting Out The Light
  4. Urination Jazz
  5. I Heard A Baby Crying
  6. Early One Morning (What’s Wrong With You)
  7. Kettle O’ Worms
  8. Night Riding
  9. Tuning In
  10. Love Theme
  11. Long Forgotten Summers
  12. Smorgans
  13. Early One Morning (Reprise)
  14. Duncan’s Theme
  15. Family Values
  16. SAT NAVs And Drugs
  17. A Dark Figure
  18. Twist the Knife
  19. Never Come Back
  20.  New Revelations
  21. Discovering Duncan
  22. Thrilling
  23. Spinning Through Time