In Resonance Nexus (Black & White Swirl Vinyl)



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Release Date: 21st June 2024

Critically acclaimed, influential alt metal lifers
earthtone9 return.

‘In Resonance Nexus’, released via Candlelight /
Spinefarm, finds the band in fiery form. Their first
new material in a decade sees the band not only
harking back to their angular, chaotic and ferocious
roots but also injecting an energy, urgency, and
intensity beyond anything the band have released

The vitality of the songs is palpable – earthtone9
have both retained the essence of their musical
identity, and channelled and distilled what they
love about heavy music.

‘In Resonance Nexus’ is a love letter to metal, a
soundtrack imbued with persistence, love, pain
and loss, determination and community.

Produced by Lewis Johns (Employed To Serve,
Svalbard, Ithaca, Modern Error), ‘In Resonance
Nexus’ is a remarkable blend of stellar songwriting,
crushing riffs and soaring melodies.


  1. The Polyphony Of Animals
  2. Navison Record
  3. Under The Snake
  4. Oceanic Drift
  5. Black Swan Roulette
  6. Lash Of The Tongues
  7. The Etiquette Of Distortion
  8. Observe Your Course
  9. Third Mutuality
  10. Strength Is My Weakness