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On October 1st, Kylie Minogue celebrates the 20th anniversary of her chart-topping, dance-pop classic, Fever. The album was a global smash, picking up number 1s in places across the UK, Australia, Germany, Ireland as well as multiple top 10 finishes elsewhere. It featured massive singles such as Love At First Sight, In Your Eyes and one of the singles of the 00s, Can’t Get You Out Of My Head; which peaked at number one across 40 countries, including every European country apart from Finland. To celebrate 20 years of the pop classic, Fever will be released on white vinyl with a special 300gsm gloss print inserted in the gatefold.

Side A:
1. More More More
2. Love At First Sight
3. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
4. Fever
5. Give It To Me
6. Fragile
Side B:
1. Come Into My World
2. In Your Eyes
3. Dancefloor
4. Love Affair
5. Your Love
6. Burning Up