Drastic Fantastic



Ultimate Edition

2x LP 180 Gram Vinyl

(1x White & 1x Purple)

Limited Edition Orange 10″ Vinyl featuring new remixes of the original album’s singles

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A1 Little Favours
A2 If Only
A3 White Bird
A4 Funnyman
A5 Hold On
A6 Hopeless
A7 I Don’t Want You Now
B1 Saving My Face
B2 Beauty Of Uncertainty
B3 Someday Soon
B4 Paper Aeroplane
B5 Journey
B6 Mothgirl
C1 Bad Day
C2 La Vie En Rose
C3 I Want You Back (Live From Outsider Festival 2007)
C4 Walk Like An Egyptian (Live From Liverpool Academy 2007)
C5 Turn Into You (Acoustic)
C6 White Bird (Acoustic)
C7 Hopeless (Acoustic)
D1 If Only (Acoustic)
D2 Hold On (Acoustic)
D3 Someday Soon (Acoustic)
D4 Saving My Face (Acoustic)
D5 Ain’t Nobody (Acoustic)
D6 Hold On / Walk Like An Egyptian (Live In Curitiba 2019)
10″-A1 Hold On (The Freelance Hellraiser (Holed Up) Remix)
10″-A2 Saving My Face (Tunnelz Remix)
10″-B1 If Only (Subsonar Remix)
10″-B2 Little Favours (MyRiot (Big Flavours) Remix)