Chronicles of a Diamond (Clear Vinyl)



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Release Date: 27th October 2023

When Black Pumas made their self-titled debut in 2019, the Austin-bred duo set off a reaction almost as combustible and
rapturous as their music itself. Along with earning a career total of seven Grammy Award nominations (including Album Of
The Year) and winning praise from leading outlets like Pitchfork and Rolling Stone, singer/songwriter Eric Burton and
guitarist/producer Adrian Quesada achieved massive success as a live act, touring large theatres all over Europe and North
and South America and delivering a transcendent show Burton aptly refers to as “electric church.” As they set to work on
their highly awaited sophomore album, the band broadened their palette to include a dazzling expanse of musical forms:
heavenly hybrids of soul and symphonic pop, mind-bending excursions into jazz-funk and psychedelia, starry-eyed love songs
that feel dropped down from the cosmos. Wilder and weirder and more extravagantly composed than its predecessor,
Chronicles of a Diamond arrives as the fullest expression yet of Black Pumas’ frenetic creativity and limitless vision.


Side A

  1. More Than a Love Song
  2. Ice Cream (Pay Phone)
  3. Mrs. Postman
  4. Chronicles of a Diamond
  5. Angel

Side B

  1. Hello
  2. Sauvignon
  3. Tomorrow
  4. Gemini Sun
  5. Rock and Roll