Can I Get a Soul Clap ‘Fresh Out The Pack’



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When you get the chance to re-release a piece of Hip-Hop history for the first time on 7″, then it would be churlish of us not to surely? So when we stumbled into Grand Wizard Theodore again we thought it would be nice to have a handy 7″ of this early Hip-Hop classic. This is the guy who invented scratching so we thought it’d be a nice touch. So 2 special 7″ edits coming up on “Can I Get A Soul Clap ‘Fresh Out Of The Pack” and “Hey What’s Your Sign, What’s Your Name, What’s On Your Mind” instrumental and another double-sided Hip-Hop belter for the 7″ box. The 7″ label will be on the original Soul-O-Wax imprint so buy another copy so you can frame it. A crucial slice of musical culture right here.