Ashes Of The Wake: 20th Anniversary (2LP)



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Release Date: 30th August 2024

Lamb of God helped to define 2000s American Metal with their first major-label album release, Ashes of the Wake. Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ashes of the Wake with this new deluxe expanded version of the album, which adds 5 bonus tracks including remixes and live versions, all on Black 2LP.


Side A

  1. Laid To Rest
  2. Hourglass
  3. Now You’ve Got Something to Die For
  4. The Faded Line

Side B

  1. Omerta
  2. Blood Of The Scribe
  3. One Gun
  4. Break You

Side C

  1. What I’ve Become
  2. Ashes of the Wake
  3. Remorse Is For The Dead

Side D

  1. Another Nail For Your Coffin (Fear. Kublai Khan TX & Malevolence)
  2. Laid to Rest (HEALTH Remix)
  3. Remorse Is for the Dead (Live in Richmond, VA)
  4. Now You’ve Got Something To Die For (Live from 2007)