All the Kids are Super Bummed Out



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Side A

  1. The British Army On LSD
  2. The Skies Are Full Of Insane Machines
  3. Sunstroke
  4. 45 Revolutions

Side B

  1. Won’t Even Get Out Of Bed
  2. Psychedelic Sitar Casual
  3. Subterranean Earth Angel Stomp
  4. The Commies Are Coming
  5. When I Met Got

Side C

  1. Minimalist House Burns Down
  2. Exit Space (All The Kids Are Super Bummed Out)
  3. Iranian Embassy Siege

Side D

  1. You’re My Kind Of Guru
  2. Flying People
  3. Diary Of A Crap Actor
  4. And We Will
  5. Waiting For The UFO’s